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Being very easy to transport and allowing any kind of transportation by truck, train and ship, tank containers are being used more and more frequently in the transportation of bulk liquid goods. Moreover, they are also quicker and more flexible than all other loading procedures.
Tank containers are the only means that eliminate risk factors for dangerous goods as well as for all chemicals, and all international register companies regard them as the safest means for transport of bulk liquid products.

Tank container technology is at the forefront: tanks are made of 316L stainless steel, thus ensuring maximum quality both for transport and storage of goods. Tanks are covered with a very thick rockwool insulation that protects goods from temperature changes. Besides, tanks are equipped either with a steam heating plant or with a water heating plant.

Another very important aspect lies in the fact that, after the unloading of the product, tank containers do not discharge any kind of residue (as drums, cisterns, flaxibags, sacks etc... do), thus being completely recyclable after a simple cleaning, without disposal or waste management expenses, and especially without causing further pollution and waste of energy.

All these points make tank containers an increasingly demanded means on the market.