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Safim srl. offers Maritime and Port Services - PORT & OFFSHORE SERVICES and provides all types of technical accessories for port berths, offshore platforms and ships.

Besides its wide range of fenders suitable for any type of berth, PORT & OFFSHORE SERVICES offers its thirty-years technical experience in the supply of port fenders ensuring the highest and most diverse performances for every type of stress during manoeuvres at different speed carried out by large cruise ships, container ships or bulk goods ships.

PORT & OFFSHORE SERVICES instals fenders and provides maintenance services. It also supplies and instals Bollards, Special Ladders, Chains, Hooks and every type of accessory - both for berths of any capacity, for offshore platforms and for ships - of various types and sizes thanks to its large catalogue selection available upon request.

Its constant quest for technologies and materials to equip Pontoons and Berths for RO-RO ships in compliance with safety regulations allowed Safim srl to provide rapid solutions during the execution of a project, monitoring the development and creation of each floating berth in order to deliver it ready, transported, inspected and certified as required by the Port Authority or body in charge.
Thanks to its large catalogue selection available upon request, such technologies and materials are available in various types and sizes.

As concerns its offshore activities, in 1998 Safim srl acquired 50% of Righetti Navi srl’s share capital. The company supports hydrocarbons extraction activities. In the past 5 years, Safim srl and Righetti Navi srl furthered developed Righetti Navi’s passenger transport activity. At present, they have two Motorboats with a capacity of some 350 passengers providing connections with Croatia and across the Strait of Messina.